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Company Profile: ADT Security Hartland Me

We're all familiar with Hartland Me ADT Security lawn signs and burglars are too as the home security company has protected homes, businesses and government facilities for 130 years. ADT is the number one home security provider, protecting more than 1.5 million American families.

While there are many home security systems Hartland Me on the market and many security dealers who sell a variety of brands, ADT has all their own equipment. When you buy an Hartland Me ADT security system, the hardware, installation, monitoring, troubleshooting, etc. all come from them. Monitoring is an important aspect of a security system and ADT makes certain that it's reliable. With five monitoring facilities in the country and the ability to transfer calls, their system never goes down.
The basic ADT home security system Hartland Me is advertised for $99 and includes the control unit, protection for three points of entry and a motion detector. This is actually a $349 hard-wired system that is being promoted with a $250 rebate. This system was awarded a best buy in Consumers Digest. ADT has four other packages with a wide range of pricing and features. They also run special promotions periodically.
When you call ADT, a home evaluation will be set-up within the next few days and one of their salespeople will recommend additional sensors that your home would benefit from as well as other optional equipment. A wireless system may also be recommended as it eliminates the drilling holes and running wires throughout your home making the installation less intrusive. Any of these items will add to that $99 entry price and a wireless system currently does not offer the $250 rebate. However, ADT now has a special promotion of a $200 rebate on ANY home security system Hartland Me by calling (877) 811-3616 and using promo code A61476.

One of these options is called Pulse. Pulse adds varying degrees of home automation to compliment your security system as it's compatible with Zwave. The ability to monitor your home, turn on lights, change thermostat settings and many other features are available in the three different Pulse packages. All this control is available from a smartphone or any other internet connected device from almost anywhere.
A three-year monitoring contract is required to get the system installed. The basic contract is $35.99/month but more features like two-way voice communication with their monitoring service will bring it up to $41/month. Additional features will bring this number up even higher. I find it funny that you sign a three-year contract, but ADT has the right to raise their monitoring fee after the first year! However, the 75% early termination fee would get waived if you jump ship because of a price increase.

The warranty is

The equipment only comes with a three-month guarantee, so a service contract to extend this costs more. Even with an extended warranty on the equipment, a $25 charge hits you for any service call.

There are a few unique aspects of ADT Security Hartland Me on the plus side and that may be appealing to you. Among them is the fact that they do not do a credit check. If you purchase a wired security system and move, ADT will also assist with the cost of moving the security equipment to your new home.

A lawn sign and three window decals are also standard on all security systems and actually play a role in deterrence. All Hartland Me ADT security systems are easy to use with touchscreen controllers and even a wireless key chain remote. They also give a six month satisfaction guarantee with a 100% refund if you decide that their system isn't right for you.

The bottom line

If you want nothing to do with installing anything yourself and just want to get a Hartland Me home security system up and running quickly, ADT is probably the answer for you. You may be able to save some money by shopping around and/or skimping here or there but calling ADT can be an easy and painless way of just getting it done. You'll not only sleep well knowing that your family is protected but you'll have confidence from knowing that you got the top of the line in every way!

Customized Service

ADT is unique in the home security industry as they provide a complete solution themselves - without any middlemen or sub-contractors. This completely eliminates any finger-pointing should there be a problem, as a single contact point deals with everything from an initial evaluation and price quote to moving your security system when you move.

No need to deal with any subcontractor

ADT employs over 20,000 people and about a third of them are in our neighborhoods as installers and technicians. Yes, you get an actual employee of the company who comes to your home for any reason about your security system. These people are licensed experts in what they do and there's great peace of mind in just knowing who we are letting into our homes.

Hartland Me ADT Security Systems Can Protect You and Your Family

Have you ever laid in bed thinking through how you would handle different emergencies in your house throughout the night or even during the day? Have you wondered how you would best protect your children in case of a burglary or a fire? Could you get to them? Would you call the fire department first or try to multitask and get your family out and call 911 at the same time? Do you live by yourself and hope that you could protect yourself if something happened? These questions plus many others go through our minds often with the thought of wanting to be protected and prepared. Instead of losing sleep at night and worrying about the safety of your family you can put your trust in Hartland Me ADT Security Systems to protect you and your family. You might be thinking that they could protect you in case of a burglary, but what about a fire or other types of emergencies. It is so exciting to think that Hartland Me ADT Security Systems provides much more than protecting your home from a burglary.

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Complete Security Package

  • Contact Sensors
  • Motion Detector — Pet Ready
  • Digital Keypad
  • Loud High Decibel Siren
  • Backup Battery for system
  • Keychain Remote
  • Yard Sign and Window Decals
  • ADT Security Guarantee
    ...and More

Home Security Equipment

  • Digital Keypad
  • Keychain Remote
  • ADT Pulse
  • PIR Infrared Motion Detectors
  • 3 Points of Protection
  • Two-Way Voice
  • Battery Backup
  • ADT Protection Yard Signs & Window Decals
  • Professional Installation

ADT Pulse ® Options

  • Remote Access
  • Video Security
  • Home Automation